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Narcolepsy and insomnia are serious sleep disorders that need professional attention

Understand what your problem is with the qualified help of the doctors at St. Petersburg Sleep Disorder Center.


Excessive sleepiness can be embarrassing and dangerous

Narcolepsy is characterized by daytime sleep attacks, uncontrollable sleepiness and a persistent lack of energy. It is often accompanied by cataplexy which is a sudden, brief loss of voluntary muscle control, often triggered by strong emotions. While falling asleep, vivid hallucinations and sleep paralysis may occur.


Sleep loss caused by insomnia is a serious issue

Insomnia is a common sleep problem that requires accurate diagnosis. The causes of insomnia are numerous, ranging from psychological factors to sleep related medical illnesses such as apnea and nocturnal myoclonus (leg jerking during sleep). While sleeping pills can often help, they are not always the answer. Research shows that withdrawal from certain drugs can cause insomnia or increased severity of sleep difficulties. If you have suffered from insomnia for longer than a few weeks, a full evaluation is needed.


Narcolepsy | St Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Sleep Disorders Center | 727-360-0853

It's never too late to have a good night's sleep


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